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STEP | Student/Teacher Emergenetics Program

STEP is an exciting way to integrate how people prefer to learn and how teachers can facilitate an educational environment that enhances, deepens, and provides authentic learning experiences for all. Based on Emergenetics theory, STEP honors students through seven distinct thinking and behavior attributes. The result is increased tolerance, motivation, engagement, self-awareness, and an ability to collaborate successfully in cognitively diverse teams.

Parents and Students

To learn more about how your STEP report can help you understand your thinking and behavioral preferences, see OUR TOOL page.

Classrooms and Teachers

To learn more about how STEP impacts the classroom, see OUR APPROACH page.

School and District Leadership

To learn more about how STEP can build your school/district leadership, see OUR TESTIMONIALS page.

Colleges and Universities

To learn how we are working with colleges, universities, and graduate level programing, see OUR SOLUTIONS page.

Upcoming Events

February 24STEP Into Your Future*
March 7-8STEP Administrator Facilitator Certification*
April 4-5STEP Administrator Facilitator Certification*
April 12-13STEP Teacher Facilitator Certification*
May 22-25STEP Associate Certification in Dallas/Fort Worth
June 12STEP Symposium*
June 13-16STEP Associate Certification
June 22STEP Associate Refresher*
June 22STEP Facilitator Refresher*
July 17-18STEP Teacher Facilitator Certification*
July 19-20STEP Administrator Facilitator Certification*
July 27-28STEP Teacher Facilitator Certification*

* Indicates that you must have attended a Meeting of the Minds Workshop prior to registering.

Interested in coming to one our our trainings? Please contact the STEP office to register.